EcoOcéan Institut



EcoOcéan Institut is a NGO, created in 2004 and based in Montpellier (France). "If the knowledge and the know-how are to be used in the best interests of all, transmitting this knowledge is essential to multiply the positive effects of this knowledge". Convinced of this, two doctors in cetology and marine ecology and teachers created "EcoOcéan Institut" to combine research and educational activities. The aim is to contribute to the improvement of scientific knowledge and lead to concrete, effective and sustainable protection actions and to involve decision-makers and the general public in the conservation of marine vertebrates (cetaceans, seabirds and turtles) and their habitat.

EcoOcéan Institut works for the study and protection of marine vertebrates and their habitat through scientific research, expertise and advice, education and environmental awareness, training and teaching. The structure collaborates with scientific teams, schools, NGOs, professionals of the sea, stakeholders, managers, and government departments because "Acting effectively means acting together". The structure is involved, appointed and recognized in several scientific or expert bodies for : 1) studies in ecology of mainly cetaceans and seabirds (TOP-HABITAT); 2) their work on human impacts on these animals (ship strike, macro litter, bycatch, harassment) (IMPACT-CET) in France and in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Another activities is dealing with monitoring methodologies (large-scale survey, non-dedicated platform as ferry, Navy's helicopter, oceanographic vessel) (MONITOR) and their expertise to accompany Marine Protected Area to build and implement a Strategy for monitoring Cetaceans, seabirds and turtles at sea within their limits. For this, EcoOcéan Institut works in collaboration with the Natural Marine Park of the Gulf of Lion, the National Park of the Calanques, the French Agency for Biodiversity, the Pelagos Sanctuary and ACCOBAMS (international Agreement).

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